STRS (When Lives Are On The Line, Only The Best Will Do!)
STRS (Special Tactics Rescue Squad)

Why was strs founded?

S.T.R.S was founded after the fall of Raccoon City. It was created to combat Umbrella's bio-weapons. S.T.R.S is trying to put a stop too the Umbrella Corporation. 

S.T.R.S/ Umbrella war

S.T.R.S has taken it upon itself to become a global organization to stop Umbrella. S.T.R.S and Umbrella have been at war for a while now. The war has had no real tide changes, it is still a stalemate and an ongoing effort.

who does strs work with?

U.S. Army Rangers

British S.A.S

French GIGN

German Kommando's

Japanese JSDF 

Umbrella and its allies



How to become a strs member

S.T.R.S is an elite unit and takes much pride in itself in maintaining a highly trained and disciplined fighting force. To join you must go through a basic combat trai  

S.T.R.S Uniform


Umbrella Special Forces


Weapons of s.t.r.s

Sidearms: M9 Beretta, Glock 17, P226, Px4 Beretta, CZ75, XD40, Glock 22, M1911.45, USP.45, M93R

Shotguns: Remington 870, Mossberg 500, M3 Benelli, M1014, SPAS-12

PDW's: MP5K, MP5, MP7, MP9, Scorpion EVO, UMP.45 

Assault Rifles: M16A4, AKM, G36K, AK-74M, SIG 556, M27 IAR, SCAR-H

Carbines: G36C, AKS-74u, M4 Carbine, SIG 552, ACW-R, HK416, SCAR-L, CM901, SA58 OSW

Sniper Rifles: M24, M110, M40A5, SVD, L115, M39 EMR, MSR, M95 .50 Cal 

Raccoon city map


S.T.R.S will be sent on missions to respond to biohazardous outbreaks, engage in combat on Umbrella soldiers or the people they supply bio weapons too. We have conducted many raids in Raccoon City, and countless Umbrella facilities and operations with foreign allies in the mountains of Afghanistan to the cities of China. We are the best of the best and we will do our job.